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Peyton, Cam And Chili Featured On Super Sunday
Jan 26th to Feb 8th
Merle Haber has been at her summer home so long that people were beginning to wonder if she was coming back.
Well, the message is loud and clear from her email a few days announcing, "I'm back,'' Merle said, but quickly made it understood that she is on the way and to get the ball rolling for a Super Bowl Party beginning at 6 p.m. on Feb. 7.
There is a signup sheet posted in the lobby, along with a place to list the goodies you are going to bring to share with friends and neighbors.
Merle will also pool, not the swimming kind, for those who want to pick up a few extra bucks.
If for some reason you can't sign up in the lobby, send an email to this website and it will be forwarded to the Social Committee.
Businesses Must Pay To Get Rid of Pole
Jan 28th to Feb 29th
Almost a year ago the power lines that run from the power pole at the northeast corner of Gulfstream Towers, exploded and FP&L last report indicated they still did not know the cause.
Now, more because of looks than danger, residents of GST and 1350 Main would like to convince the power company to bury the lines.
The lines to Gulfstream Towers are already underground, according to a GST official.
Eileen Hampshire from Art to Walk On (across the alley neighbor) on Palm Avenue told Carma Lloyd, who owns an apartment at GST and 1350 Main, that she and maybe Orange Blossom are going to have their spaghetti of wires on the alley phone pole buried. 
It'a going to cost the customers says Peter Baldi, prez of GST. In order for the pole to be removed all of the accounts fronting Palm Avenue as well as Orange Blossom would have to pay to have their service run underground. They need to request the change, said Baldi.
Karen Kanis of the sixth floor of Gulfstream Towers said, "Ed and I would love to see that pole and wire mess go if it is not cost prohibitive to GST, as it is both ugly and occasionally noisy.  Recall also that equipment incurred a short/explosion/whatever, which impacted all residents. I imagine folks on lower floors in stack one, especially, would like to see it leave from their east view as well. 
Again Baldi: "I discussed this very issue at length with the FPL regional service guy during the outage and repair that Karen was alluding to. We'd all love to see it go, as would FPL, but they won't do it without the customer's paying for it. At least according to him."
Grill Is Nuisance So Pay Attention, You Hear?
Jan 28th to Feb 29th
For you residents who enjoy cooking on the grill, better take note of the following, or the Board of Directors may be forced to get rid of it.
Operate the grill under an "open sky," some 10 feet away from the building exterior and free from any overhang, patio covering, or building vent. This practice abides by fire code and prevents smoke from impacting your neighbors. 

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