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F. Y. I.
City Issues Permit to Relocate ACs, Work Start Date Expected Monday
Sep 13th to Oct 15th
  The City of Sarasota Building Department on Friday afternoon issued the permit that will allow contractors to move 32 air conditioning condensers from the ends of the towers to the roof.
  In keeping with the history of this project where nothing comes easy or on time, this application took twice as long as is the norm. True, the City is receiving permit application at a historic rate this fiscal year, but for most of the 39 days i n the city's purview, it went untouched. A communication problem among the overall contractor Ervin Miller (photo), Aqua Plumbing and the GST administration is to blame.
  in an effort to live up to Aqua Project Manager Bill Powers promise almost three months ago when he said, "when that permit is your hands, you will see my people over there.
  A call to Powers office Friday was not returned but Lisa, an assistant returned our call and said, "he is headed out right now but said he will call Monday with a starting date."
  Aqua is under contract to unhook the 32 affected condensers, move them by handcart to the elevator and then hoist them up to the roof. Each unit will be inspected prior to being unhooked. Any unit found to be in bad condition or near of its expected production years will be moved but with no guarantee it will function after the move. Those units pronounced okay will be moved with a promise they will perform as well as before the transfer.
A reminder to residents who are taking advantage of the special Aqua pricing. Contracts must be signed before the units are moved.
With October Comes The Return Of The 'Socials'
Sep 14th to Apr 30th
The evening weather people tell us Autumn is or was and that Fall is in full swing with cooler, no humidity weather. Who is kidding whom? The foolproof way to recognize the time of year is when the Winter residents start trickling back and the GST Social Season begins.
The first of weekly Friday coffees starts Friday (Oct. 2) at 9 a.m. All the coffee your bladder can stand for a $1 contribution. Sweet rolls are also available but not in the quantity as the coffee. Just stroll in at 9 or anytime (within reason) after. There is no quitting time. It is held in the community kitchen on the second floor.
On Wednesdays at 5 p.m., bring your adult drink of choice and snacks to share with your neighbors. This group gets together in the more comfortable meeting room.
Carol Flory, bottom photo, a Director of the Association and former head of the social committee is serving in that capacity until Merle Haber, director, top photo, returns from summer vacation.
The Social Committee sponsors special events program throughout the winter. Periodically, they conduct offsite events such as spring training baseball games. Better make it a point to get to know the members of that committee.
Ringling International Arts Festival In October
Sep 15th to Oct 18th
Artists from across America and around the world come together at The Ringling to experience the phenomenon that is RIAF!  Hailed for its progressive programme that would rival anything in New York or London (TimeOut London), the Ringling International Arts Festival is your chance to explore and embrace the vibrant and exhilarating world of contemporary music, theater, and dance.
Here is a sampling of the programs:
Enjoy the Opening Night performance of your choice before gathering in the Courtyard to enjoy an irresistible blend of the world’s greatest dance beats as Bollywood entertainer DJ Prashant transforms RIAF Opening Night into a full-fledged Bollywood dance party.
The Cambodian Circus: An edgy, progressive tale of nightlife, passion, heartbreak, hope, and tears – performed with humor and humanity by talented young Cambodians using dance, circus arts, and music that beats like your heart.This performance is part of Ringling International Arts Festival.
Jen Shyu - Solo Rites: Seven Breaths: With “songs that could remind you of ancient court music or Joni Mitchell” (NY Times), Jen Shyu invites you to join her for a musical pilgrimage through Taiwan, East Timor, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea. 
Peni Candra Rini: Hailed for her mastery of traditional music and innovative creativity, this Indonesian composer and singer evokes the mysterious and infinite manifestations of Rahim (the womb) with music, movement, and imagery. 
As Season Nears Park Activity Picks Up
Sep 24th to Nov 30th
J. D. Hamel Park, just across Gulfstream Avenue, is getting its dark green sheen back after heavy use during the winter season. Upcoming events are mostly participants oriented, meaning GST residents won't be run out of the sanctity of their homes with bookings such as Thunder By The Bay. Be forewarned, this is a raucous four-day gathering of hundreds of motorcyclists, usually in mid-January. Following are the earlier, less invasive, events, all either in the park or stated otherwise.                                                                                 
                              *         *          *
SATURDAY, OCT. 3, 10 a.m. until 5 p. m.--Hispanic Heritage Festival, Church of Redeemer, Contact Father Lampert 9421-955-4263.
*         *          *
SATURDAY, OCT. 1O,  9 a.m. until 11 a.m.--Walk to End Alzheimers Bridge walk to benefit Alzheimer Association, Contact Tiffany, 727-525-9887.
*         *          *
SATURDAY, OCT. 17, Noon until 6 p.m., Pride Fest. More information will be available later.
*         *          *
SATURDAY, OCT. 24, 9 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.--Bridge walk to benefit Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center, contact Michelle, 941-487-0315.
Agenda For Directors Meeting Thursday at 5:30
Oct 2nd to Oct 9th
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a meeting of the Board of Directors of Gulfstream Towers Association, Inc. will be held at the date, hour, and place noted below:
        DAY/DATE:                   Thursday October 8th 20
HOUR:                           5:30 p.m.
                    PLACE:                          33 S.Gulfstream Avenue, 2ndFloor
Call to order, Proof of Notice of Meeting and Quorum
Owner Participation: Limited to a maximum of 30 minutes and 3 minutes per owner regarding agenda items
Approval of the August 7th 2015 Minutes of the Meeting
Treasurer’s report
Anticipated Opening on Board of Directors
AGM ballot content
Request for funds from bank ref Unit 501
Leasing of Units

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