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                                                    A Westin Hotel and 141 Condo Units                                                 Will Bring This Rendering 
                                       To Reality Late Next Year.
                                     And We Thought Traffic Was
                                        Horrendous Last Winter.
                                      Launch Those Water Taxis Now
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F. Y. I.
Feature Needs Your Participation
Jun 30th to Jul 31st
NOTE--The majority of the initial respondents did not complete the questions though it was not their fault. It is a package of eight questions on the same subject and you can respond to any number you choose and have your answers compiled. Our apologizes for setting up it up differently.
No matter how much of a neophyte you are when involved with any publication, you learn immediately that most readers have strong opinions. And, they are quick to express them. 
This has been the case with the 'comment' option that accompanies every news story on the Gulfstream Towers website.
Matter of fact, the current stories posted about the rental policy have drawn nearly 20 responses.
So with this introduction and eight trlated questions our new feature 'Questionnaire' begins. You won't have to turn pages or look for an index. Clicking on the following link will take you to the questions. We hope your answers are thought-provoking enough they are incorporated into GST Rental Policy. 
Parking Spaces Assigned, Board Must Oka
Jul 4th to Jul 31st
  The thankless task taken on by the Gulfstream Towers Parking Committee members has been completed. 
At least they thought it was but as expected there were a few requested changes. All were reportedly handled to the satisfaction of both parties.  
The assignment of spaces or allotment as committee liaison/Director Steve Vernon prefers, still has to be approved by the Board of Directors, which is expected to be a formality.
The first hurdle came Saturday morning when residents, young and old, tracked down their vehicle so as to return it to the GT garage's newly laid out spaces.
  Fret not, your wise Board of Directors would not approve of wholesale change, just for the sake of change. Most the relocations were necessary because of the new configuration. For a more readable copy click Welcome home and Happy Parking.
Roundabout Going In Right Before Our Eyes?
Jul 5th to Jul 31st
   Taxpaying residents of Gulfstream Towers and surrounding neighbors received a notice that probably got tossed without the message ever seeing the light of day.  Too bad. Most everyone would have had more than a casual reaction. Some in horrific disbelief, others with a big belly laugh, imagining the show it would provide if ever a reality. Of course, there are the youngsters (under 55) who would just keep humming, "What Will Be, Will Be."  The Florida Department of Transportation, held in about as much respect by most intelligent adults as the Army Corps of Engineers, wants input on replacing the traffic lights at Main Street and Highway 41 with a roundabout or other "improvements."  One thing in their favor this time is history. Though they are in the City of Sarasota projects, it's probably a sure bet that FDOT was a sugar daddy and gave its approval to the roundabouts in our front and back yards. Even the staunchest critics have to be consider these three a success. Of course there were fender benders but not aware of a single accident with serious injuries.  Certainly the always important traffic counts at Main, Pineapple and Central or Ringling Boulevard and Pineapple or Ringling Boulevard and Palm Avenue combined won't be as impressive as in a few hours at 41 and Main.   Speed is the thing and just maybe the FDOT has come up with the answer. Only those with a snoot full of booze or a death wish would try to navigate a roundabout at the speed they drive today.

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