Navigation Notes

  • There are five main topics listed on the menu bar at the top of this website.

  • Click a main topic menu item to go to that page, and the sub-topic menu buttons will be visible.

  • Each sub-topic has a previous arrow on the top left. Clicking this arrow takes the user back to a main topic.

  • The user will sometimes see a forward or next arrow on the top right of sub-topic pages. This indicates there is additional information for the sub-topic.

  • Use the scroll bar on the right to see and review all the content for each page.

  • The user can also click a main topic (on the top menu bar) from any page to get back to a main topic. 

  • Links to websites and documents will open in separate browser windows. The GT website remains open in the current browser window.

  • The Member's page is for GT residents only. When a user first clicks the main page, a log-in page will appear. The user will need to register first. The Webmaster will be notified, will grant access to GT residents only, and will notify the user.

  • The Board Only sub-topic under the Member's Main page has a separate log-in requirement, and is shared with GT Board Members only.