Fire Safety & Emergency - Life Safety Continued

2. No person shall use any common area fire extinguisher or fire hoses except in emergency situations.

3. All electrical wiring in units shall conform to all applicable electrical codes. Electrical outlets shall not be overloaded.

4. Except for reasonable quantities of ordinary household products, no hazardous materials may be stored in a unit or storage area. This includes, but is not limited to, flammable liquids and explosive, corrosive, bio hazardous, poisonous, noxious or radioactive materials. No firearms or ammunition may be stored in a unit unless the resident has an appropriate firearms permit or is a commissioned law enforcement officer.

5. Fire alarm pull stations are located at each exit on each floor.

6. Annunciators and smoke alarms are in each unit. The Association is not responsible for replacing the smoke alarms. Annual inspections are performed every year.


7. If the alarm sounds, do not use the elevators; use the stairs to exit.

8. Any person tampering with or attempting to remove any common area fire safety equipment will immediately be fined $1,000.00. Any insurance increases or fines levied against the Association by governmental authorities also will be billed to the offender. Additionally, if anyone is injured or property damaged as a result of such tampering, the offender may be subject to severe civil or criminal penalties.