Unit Doors


In November of 2017, 48 of the 70 units doors were replaced with hurricane compliant doors. The other 22 doors were already hurricane compliant and did not need replacement.


The vendor for the 48 door replacement project is  Weather Tite Windows.  Click here for a PDF of the door details. A photo of the door is to your left (if viewing on your computer) and on top (if viewing from your mobile device).

During the 2017 project, door hardware (locks and numbers, but not hinges) became the responsibility of the owners. To meet hurricane compliant guidelines, a deadbolt lock was required. The doors arrived with two drilled holes, one for the regular knob and one for the deadbolt. Residents did not have to purchase new hardware if their current hardware was compliant and could be moved to the new door.


The owners also had a choice of the door swing, in or out.


Given the choice of hardware and swing, and the other 22 doors not involved in the November 2017 project, there is not an absolute standard for the doors in Gulfstream Towers, except they must be hurricane compliant.

The cost of the doors paid by the residents was $2,500 for the November 2017 project.  This included tax, labor, installation, and removal of debris.


The association is now responsible for ALL the hurricane compliant doors (for both the 48 replaced in November 2017, and those replaced prior) per an approved association vote. If you have an issue with or questions about  your door, please contact the office.