Laundry Centers are located on floors 3 through 10 for residents to use on their floors.


The hours of operation are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.



  • Powder detergents are prohibited due to the building's cast iron pipes. Please use high efficiency (HE) liquid detergent.

  •  Always remove lint from the dryer and clean any soap residue from the washer.

  • Do not leave clothes in the machines longer than necessary.

  • If you desire to air dry any laundry, please do so in your own residence.

User Manuals



A binder with instructions for how to use the washer and dryer is located in each room.

Recycling Bags

Recycling bags are located in each room. The maintenance staff empties the recycling bags 3x per week. There are instructions for recycling in the binder. The general rules are to never leave any item outside of the bags if they are 1) too full or 2) the item is too large. If the bags are full, you can take them downstairs to the recycling bins in the garage and empty them; return them to the laundry room. All cardboard items should be taken down to the cardboard recycling bin right outside of the garage.