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Disaster & Emergency

Gulfstream Preparedness Plan 2023
Sarasota Disaster Guide 2023

2020 Hurricane Season and COVID-19 Newsletter


As storms are a threat throughout the hurricane season, Gulfstream Towers has adopted the following procedure to ensure the property and occupants are as safe as possible in the event of a storm.
It is your responsibility as a Gulfstream Towers unit owner or tenant to secure the following:

  • close windows and doors, 

  • remove any personal items from your hallway,

  • fill onsite vehicle with gas, and

  • sign Resident Evacuation form (link below) and return it to the office.


All residents of Gulfstream Towers are assigned to Shelter Area 4. The Shelter Area 4 is located at Sarasota High, 1000 South School Avenue, Sarasota, Florida.  If Gulfstream Towers is ordered to evacuate, remember to secure your home and leave immediately. Failure to obey an evacuation order is a violation of Florida Law. 
Please monitor the stay up-to-date on news at the building. Updates and information will be posted routinely. Please do not call staff during and immediately after a storm as they will be focused on mitigating issues at the building. 


A Resident Survey Committee has been formed and your floor captain will be your contact person. For further instructions, access the complete Disaster Plan. Reviewing it in advance and being prepared will help to minimize stress related to severe storms and hurricanes.

Review the videos, links and documents below.

Jim Cantore on Hurricane Preparedness

Sarasota County - Be Prepared

Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

Sarasota County Evacuation Routes

Resident Evacuation Notice

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