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Pet Policy

Rules & Regulations


A unit owner may have one (1) pet, either a dog or cat, kept within the following restrictions:


a) pet, when full grown, shall not weight more than thirty (30) pounds;


b) pet shall not be allowed in the common areas, but when transitioning common areas shall be carried;


c) guests and visitors are allowed to bring or keep pets at Gulfstream Towers; and


d) unit owner shall be responsible for all damages caused by pets and shall pay for all repairs, including clean up, that may be required.


Medical service animals are permitted, provided proper documentation from a doctor is filed

with GT.


Birds and fish are permitted.

Pet Waste Removal


The park across the street is a popular place for walking dogs; however, here or at other areas, please respect  others by taking your own plastic or biodegradable dog bags to collect and dispose of the waste appropriately.


Cat waste and accompanying litter should be double bagged and disposed of directly into the trash container in the garage/alleyway. Please do not chuck the bag in the trash chute on your floor as it often breaks along the way or at the end, causing odor and/or damage, as well as the need for clean up.

dog running with toy
Blue Hummingbird
Cute Cat
Dog Dressed as Butterfly
Cute Puppy
Licking Cat
Puppy Portrait
Green Eyed Cat
Orange fish
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