Processes & Policies

Revised & New Processes

This page provides revised and or new processes for the resident's review. Processes placed on this page will eventually be filed elsewhere and more recent process will take their place.

Unit Entry

It is imperative that residents read through and understand the unit entry policy.


During projects, the vendor may require entry into your units. We work hard to minimize this and to protect your privacy, but there are cases when we have to enter your unit. Pinning down vendors and contractors to exact days and time-frames can be difficult, so we ask for your flexibility and understanding.


We must emphasize the importance of not contacting the vendors on your own either by phone, email, or in-person.We want the vendors to work with Kahtambi only. Please respect this process. If you are having an issue with the work or want information on entry time frames, please contact Kathambi. Do not contact the vendor. Previous interactions between owners and association contractors have (in the past) resulted in contractors refusing to work in our building again, contractors factoring in higher prices to cover the extra time dealing with individual inquires, and on one occasion, there was total and undue harassment of a contractor from an owner that resulted in a severed relationship with the vendor. This has to stop. Please keep in mind that with all the construction in town, they are not so dependent on our business as they used to be.  

Click this PDF to read through the process.


Bruce Bergen

Board President

Emergency Contacts

The emergency contacts process is new and was created in an effort to reduce the burden off the Board President to handle emergency situations, and share it among all Board Members.

The initial draft was created, and discussed at the March 2017 Board of Director's meeting. The members were asked to think about and provide their availability to handle emergency calls during the 2017 calendar year.


The homeless issue has been brought to our attention again. The key action item plus a link to the detailed process is provided below.


Best One Thing TO DO: Call 941.316.1201

Homelessness Process