Completed Projects

Common Area Windows

Updates are in bold below.


The board voted to move ahead with the common windows. Once they're installed and the unit doors are too, then we will be 100% hurricane compliant. The vendor we chose is Weather Tite Windows. The details of the start date and project duration will be provided as soon as we know more. We chose a different vendor than we used for the unit windows due to the poor service we received from New South Windows. The product is excellent and the installation was professional, but they did not meet our expectations with project management. We finally got a reliable team but the damage was done, and we needed to move on to a more reliable vendor.


8.30. 17

The windows are due to be delivered at the end of October.



The windows should arrive along with the doors in late October, and scheduling of the installation will take place in early November. Kathambi will provide the installation schedule to the owners. 



Common area window installation on the alley side will start after the door installation project is complete. 


The installation of the common area windows in the laundry rooms started today.


The window installation is complete and inspections are underway.

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Pool Erosion & Equipment Area Repairs

Project Start: The project starts on Monday, August 21, 2017, and will continue for at least a week.


Background: Approximately two months ago, the fire pump (located in the garage between the wall on the west side of the pool, and the outer garage wall along Gulfstream Ave) failed due to a rusty pipe. The supporting jockey pump was not able to assist, and the system shut down. Water filled the ditch near the vehicle entrance. A plumber came on the scene and broke the rusty valve during the shut off procedure. The city came to replace the pipes, and ended up having to tear up the sidewalk. They came back and repaired the sidewalk.

We became focused on that area and realized it was in need of a serious repair and clean-up. We needed to replace the rusting and unsafe metal plates covering half of the ditch. We needed to cover the open ditch for safety and aesthetics too. The ditch had remained open after the 2013 system replacement and was never filled.


The pool vendor fixed all the leaking pool pipes. All the miscellaneous equipment, and old end cap window/frames were sent to the savage yard, and we were in the process of having concrete contractors bid on filling in the area.

The final piece would be to pressure wash and spot paint, with the goal of maintaining the area on a more regular basis.

As fate would have it, the above clean up and ditch fill would have to wait. The contractor discovered that the underpinning sand (under the western length of the pool, and the western pool wall that runs parallel to the outer garage wall along Gulfstream Ave) had gaping spaces where sand had eroded it. This repair is necessary and must be addressed now.

The area between the outer wall and the pool wall is connected by a concrete slab that covers a hollow tunnel. The tunnel is about 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 50 feet long on the west side of the pool. The underpinning pool dirt eroded into this ditch, compacted over time, and weakened the wall on the west side of the pool.

To fix this, some wood frames have to be built around the fire pump pipes to keep concrete out, and away from the pipes. A 3' x 4' hole or two has to be cut in the slab so the contractor can get into that tunnel area (underneath the concrete slab) to install rebar for stabilization and to lock it into the existing structure. They will then pump in 20-30 yards of concrete under the pool, under the pool wall, and mainly into the ditch area to stabilize all the erosion/compaction.

Resident Windows

Updates posted on 8.18.17, under Step 3, and in bold.


  • There are several steps to the windows replacement project, and they are listed below.

  • Noise and dust is to be expected. Kathambi is working with the vendors to minimize the inconvenience for all residents.

  • If you have any issues or questions with the project or vendors, please direct them to Kathambi. She will work with the vendor to promptly resolve them. She asks that you do not approach the vendors. 


Step 1

  • The first step is the replacement of damaged windows by the original vendor, Absolute Window & Door.

  • The glass arrived on Friday, 3.31.17. The replacement work began on Saturday, 4.1.17 and will continue the week of 4.3.17.


Step 2

  • The second step is replacing non-hurricane compliant windows on the alley and bay sides.

  • The vendor is New South Window Solutions.

  • This step started on 3.22.17.

  • Most windows on floors 5 & 9 were replaced on 3.22.17.

  • The last set of windows on floor 9 were replaced on 3.27.17.

  • Kathambi is having the first set of windows inspected to ensure we can move forward.

  • The workers replace the windows from inside the units.

  • The inspections was completed and approved on 4.14.17.

  • The remaining windows were shipped the week of 4.17.17.

  • The windows will be installed starting on 5.1.17, at 9:00 a.m., and on the 10th floor.

  • This step of the project is expected to take 10 business days.

  • Kathambi will communicate with the owners in regards to window payments due.

  • A swing stage will be set up for the bay side windows replacement.

  • Several alley side windows were replaced on the 9th & 10th floors today, 5.1.17. See before and after photos below Step 4.

  • Alley windows on the 8th floor were replaced on 5.2.17

  • Alley windows on the 7th floor are being replaced today, 5.3.17.

  • Alley windows on the 6th floor are being replaced today, 5.4.17.

  • You'll notice the installers keep the main sticker on the window. This is for the inspection. Once the windows pass inspection, the team will come back, remove the sticker, and clean the windows. Keep the sticker(s) for your records. 

  • The installers will continue on the 6th floor today, 5.5.17. If they are able to get through the 6th floor, they will go to the 5th floor. Look for updates here.

  • The anticipated schedule for this wee, 4th floor on 5.9, and the third floor on 5.10. This schedule will be updated if necessary. 

  • The installers are finishing up the fifth floor today (5.10). They anticipate starting the 4th floor later today, finishing it by 5.11, and completing the last floor (3) by COB on 5.12.

  • The installers are finishing up the 4th floor today (5.11), and the third floor by COB tomorrow (5.12).

  • They said it would be a 10 day install and it's starting to look like they are a vendor of their word. 


Step 3

  • The swing stage has been set-up on the bay side, and the replacement of the windows on the north side of the 5th floor are being replaced first. Then, we wait for the inspection, just as we did for the first set of the alley side windows. Once we pass inspection, additional bay side windows will be replaced. 

  • The installers worked on the far north side of the 9th floor on 5.17, and continued on 5.18 and 5.19.

  • The installers finished up a special order alley side kitchen window on the 9th floor (5.24), and are working to complete the bay side window installation in unit 509. As stated previously, once unit 509 is complete, the windows will be inspected.

  • Once we pass inspection, then we can move forward with the bay side windows installation.

  • The inspections started on 6.13.17. Due to the city's busy schedule, they cannot do all the floors in one visit. They inspected the 7th floor alley side windows and Unit #509 (on 6.13.17) to ensure the bay side windows passed inspection. 

  • The city inspected a few more windows on 6.15.17. The city states they are just too busy to do all the inspections at once. 

  • Our window vendor is back today (6.19.17) to start the installation of the bay side windows. They are on the 6th floor today. 

  • Windows are being installed in unit #908 on 6.21.17.

  • Work continued on the 9th floor and 6th floor on 6.22.17.

  • The following is an approximate schedule to complete the windows. Please be aware, this schedule may change. Changes will be provided here. The vendor provided the following information:

    • The following is a list of the units we will be doing and approximate dates. The swing stage has to be moved after we finish certain units. We might finish early on the provided dates given, and if that does happen, we will inform you as soon as possible. Also we have to have the swing stage moved and they require at least a 4 days notice. If you see the swing stage being moved before units are complete, it is that we only need the staging for the picture windows, and we can do the smaller windows without it. The following is our approximate schedule:

      • 6/30/17, units 908/608

      • 7/10/17-7/14/17, units 906/506/405/306

      • 7/17/17-7/21/17, units 903/803/704

      • 7/24/17-7/28/17, units 401/402/501/602/702

  • As a reminder, please do not contact the vendor. Contact Kathambi for any scheduling questions or issues.

  • As of 6.28.17, the alley windows have all been successfully inspected.

  • Thank you to Kathambi for working her magic and insisting on a new project manager (PM) to complete the remainder of the project.

  • Per the new PM, #908 final touches will be completed on 7.11.17.

  • #608 will be completed on the afternoon of 7.11.17 & all day on 7.12.17

  • The swing stage is scheduled to move on 7.13.17. Once moved, work on #306, 405, 506, and 906 will be completed. The PM asked did not want to me to provide the exact dates of this group and the groups below until he has a better handle on this project.

  • The swing stage is moved again, and work will be completed on #704, 803, and 903.

  • Then, the final swing stage move will take place to complete the final units, #401, 402, 501, 602, and 702.

  • The new vendor project manager and team are doing a much better job for this last leg of the installation. They review the project plan on a daily basis and sometimes make a change depending on the weather, etc., but overall they are working hard daily and Kathambi is pleased with the new management.

  • The swing stage is making its way across our building. Rumor has it, we have two weeks left to finish. Let's hope mother nature is agreeable.

  • ALL RESIDENT WINDOWS HAVE BEEN INSTALLED! The last day was today, 8.18.17.



Repairing Land Line Wiring





How Long: (updates in bold)

  • The Frontier crew has closed up the construction site in the alley. Updates on repaving, etc. are to be announced. 

  • The Project Manager informed us on 6.1.17 that he anticipates the project will be completed by COB on Monday, 6.5.17.

  • The section was paved. 8.7.17.

Explanation & Directions:

  • The crew is in the middle of replacing up to 800 wires! It's not just Gulfstream Tower's land lines. Our retail and condominium neighbors were having land line issues too.   

  • Several residents experienced land line issues starting on 5.23.17. Upon inspection by Frontier (formerly Verizon), wiring issues were to blame. Frontier had to dig up parts of the alley to get to the underground wires/main cable. This project is ongoing.

  • South side parking spaces 11 (alley side) & 26 (inside) are open and can be used as a bypass for residents to get in and out of the garage.

Garage Wall Hole

The garage wall hole was fixed today, 7.13.17. A special order for the replacement pieces was required due to the age and design of the wall. They did a nice job of blending the old with the new.   

Pothole Repaved

The large pothole on Gulfstream Avenue, as you exit the garage, was repaved by the city on 6.20.17.  The pothole was looking precarious, so we asked the city to assess the condition. They determined it deed need some work.

Emergency Water Valve Repair/Replacement




Front of building, north side 

How Long:


Explanation (updates in bold)

  • The water boil advisory was lifted at  2:00 p.m. on 6.8.17. The city did not find contamination. It is safe to use your water again.

  • The city is repairing/replacing a water valve in the front of our building. They had to shut down the water for the entire building for 4 to 5 hours, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., 6.6.17. The city placed information sheets in the elevators.

  • The water has been turned back on - 2:10 p.m. Please make sure to follow the instructions from the city on the bulletin board in the lobby and posted in the elevators. The city states we are under a boiled water advisory for 48 to 72 hours. Once the city completes a contamination test and we pass, the advisory will be lifted. Please click here for boiled water advisory FAQs. 

  • The city is pouring concrete (6.21.17) for the sidewalk repair.

  • The city finished the sidewalk paving on 6.22.17, and put the pavers back. 

End Caps

The north and south sides of the external end caps are complete. They applied stucco, touched-up some areas (internally and externally), and then finished with paint. Christian completed the process of painting the internal end caps, except for end units that are undergoing renovation. The internal touch up paining for those units will be done post renovations.