Storage & Carts


Owners have access to their assigned storage lockers (cement floor, wood casing, and wire walls) on the second floor, and in three sections, north, central and south. The storage areas are not climate controlled. Although pest control attends to the spaces routinely, it is a good idea to store items above the ground and in plastic, closed bins or bags. Wood may be susceptible to termites.

Large Shopping Carts

Should you need a larger, deeper grocery cart occasionally to transport items, you will find several on the second floor, stored beyond the kitchen, behind the doors that lead to the storage area and stairwell.

Small  Shopping Carts

You'll find the black, double-basket carts roomy and easy to manage in the garage, elevator, and hallways. Several are stored in the lobby closet next to the restroom. The double-basket carts were chosen to fit in the elevator.  

Storage Rules

  • Storage areas are common elements and are located in the north, center and south end of the building on level two.

  • All storage areas will be identified with the owner's name and corresponding unit number.

  • If a resident uses a storage area that is different from the designated one, the unit may be opened and its contents may become the property of the association or destroyed, at full cost to the property owner.

  • Storage of items outside the areas is not permitted, including without limitation, bicycles.    

  • No flammable liquids may be stored in storage areas.

  • The association is not responsible for the damage or loss of any item stored in a storage area.

Bellman Cart

The easy mover, aka "hotel bellman cart," is stored on the second floor, north storage area next to the large grocery carts.

Rolling Utility Carts

Several folding, multi-use, four-wheeled carts are stored in the lobby storage closet for your convenience.


An upright, two-wheeled dolly and flat, four-wheeled dolly are available from the tool room behind the janitor closet. Contact the office or maintenance technician, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm to use either one.