Electricity is the only utility that residents have to pay for separately, or on their own. Water, trash, cable, and WiFi are paid for by the association via quarterly assessment payments.

When moving in or out, contact Florida Power & Electric (FPL), the area electric utility, for starting or stopping service.

Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S. and power surges and strikes are the main causes of damage to A/C systems and sensitive electronic equipment.  These power surges can enter through your home's electrical, phone, cable and data lines and disrupt power, as well as cause damage, to major motor-driven appliances. Plug–in suppressors help, but Florida Power & Light (FPL) recommends installing SurgeShield at the base of your meter to offer better protection. (FPL tells us they cannot provide the same for the entire building; rather the SurgeShield must be installed by the owner at the individual meter.) Installation is free, but a monthly charge of $10.95 plus tax is added to your FPL bill each month. For more info, see this Q&A.


Water for the kitchen and bathroom(s) is paid directly to Sarasota County by Gulfstream Towers Assocation (GSTA), and is included as part of your quarterly assessment fees.

Click here for Sarasota County Water Services to learn more.