Windows Replacement

As of July 2017, unit windows on both the bay-front and alley sides (that were not hurricane complaint) were replaced with hurricane compliant code windows. They were replaced by New South Windows Solutions. They are both the manufacturer and installer of the windows.

Some common area windows are also being replaced by New South Windows, including the laundry room and stairwell sections. This should take place in mid-to-late November, 2017.

In addition, some compliant bay-front windows (with issues) were, and are being replaced (under warranty) by Absolute Window and Door. Shwinco Windows and Door is the manufacturer of the bay-side windows and Absolute Window and Door is the installer. These windows were first installed in 2013, with the first round of replacement for some windows, due to issues in 2014.

The residents voted yes at the 2016 Annual Meeting for windows to become the responsibility of the association, once all windows are compliant. The cost of replacing the non-compliant windows is the unit owner's responsibility.

Window Cleaning

The outside of the bay-side picture and side windows are scheduled to be cleaned 2x per year.

Once the alley side windows are replaced and all are compliant, the maintenance of the outside portion, including cleaning, is the responsibility of the association.


Shwinco Window Care

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