Cable & WiFi



Call Comcast at 1.800.266.2278 to request a digital television box. You will have to pick up the digital box or arrange for delivery. (Comcast does it this way so the condominium owner is responsible for the digital cable box and not the condominium association.) When you request the cable television box, Comcast will provide the address for pick up.

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For Connection Issues, you must contact your personal digital technician. The Association is only responsible for service on the second floor.

Downtown Unplugged

Downtown Sarasota Florida offers residents and local business free wireless internet access. The wireless system allows users with wireless-capable laptop computers to access the internet at no charge in the area of Lemon and Main St. Other WiFi is available at Sarasota County public buildings and at Selby Library. Use your wireless-capable device to scan for wireless networks in the area. Select the network called “unplugged” and click “connect”. Launch your browser, accept the Unplugged user agreement, and then you will have access to surf the web.


Free WiFi hotspots in Sarasota

Here is a list of free hotspots nearby.

Remember: At a free WiFi hotspot, the data you transmit may not be secure. Because of this, you should avoid connecting to any website or service that requires password authentication that is not securely protected.   A good rule of thumb is to limit your wireless usage to general internet surfing and non-critical email accounts; however, online banking websites usually have encryption methods for security protection.